Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Golden Almond Fragrant Fried Crab 杏香黄金蟹

My friend from Brunei told me that she had eaten a really big crab or giant crab around 3.5kg before in one of the beach around the world. So I was curious how the Giant Crab was cooked with or what is the method the chef cooked the Giant Crab. My friend said it was cooked with white sauce but got almond fragrance inside. I was wondered how that Giant Crab taste like? 

Then I invited my friend to my house and cooked some dishes to her since she was craving with delicious food around the world. I never told my guest that I am going to cook crabs in my menu. One of the dishes I planed is the crab. I went to one of the famous fish market in KL and managed to find big crab but not yet Giant size. The three crabs cost me around RM230++ and around 3kg as each of the live crab is around 1kg++

I brought my nieces to the market so they can open their big eyes on the variety of ocean fishes and also fresh water fishes. The market also sell frozen Empurau, Giant fresh water prawn(大头虾)and variety of Ocean Fishes like Parrot Fish, Groupers, Undersea Chicken, Ikan Nyok-nyok, Tiger prawn, Big White prawn(明虾),Promfret in many sizes and etc. I think easily more than 50 types of fishes and some I never eat before. I also bought 1kg ++ Big White Prawn that cost me around RM80++ 

So I put the live crabs in the ice box and put a little ice so the crabs won’t be heated in my car. When my mother asked me how much the crabs cost - I just told her that it only cost less than RM100. Because I know my mum won’t accept the price that I paid for the three big crabs. Sometimes I had to lied to my mum cause she still live in her era with the crabs is around 15 or 25 ringgit per kilo. Have to tell beautiful lie so my mum can enjoy the crabs and won’t feel the pain of high price. I left the task of slaughtering the crabs to my mum and my nieces all helping washing the crab one hour before my guest come to my house. 

So I search in YouTube that one of the famous Taiwan chef teaching how to cook white sauce for Lobster and I decide to use his recipe and modify a bit and add one more ingredient to cook the crabs. The ingredient I add is the almond powder. Which is I roast the almond that leftover from doing five nuts mooncake, and then blend the almond into powder like doing a peach pie. The almond powder was set aside for use later.

In order to have the golden colour feel, so I use the butter to cook the flour. My guess was arrived at the time I cooked this Golden Crab so she insist me to add in cheddar cheese. So before put in the fried crabs into the white sauce, my friend keep on asking me to put more almond powder into the white sauce. The white sauce become thicker and can stick to every part of the crabs. I also prepare the mini mantou bought from the market so can dip the mantou with the white sauce. But the kids eat a lot of the mini Pandan and chocolate mantou that I steamed and shallow fried. 

When everyone was eating the crabs, they like the taste and they feel the new flavour that I cooked with the almond powder. My guest said that is almost the taste when she ate the Giant Crab before. I don’t know whether she want to say nice thing to make me happy or is really what she taste before. Anyway that is a new try on cooking the crab, my mother thought that I will cook the chilli tomotoes crabs which she always cook that flavour to us when we had chance to eat crabs. 

Anyway I just only ate one lower part leg below the big claw, I was enjoying see my guest and family members to enjoy the white sauce crabs that I cooked. There was no single crab legs left in the plate. I know the white sauce is really perfect match for the crabs. Maybe next time I should try to cook lobster instead of crabs. 

Below are the YouTube link for the white sauce,
Not only good with crab or lobster, I think is great with pasta too...

Friday, December 14, 2018

Sour Sop @ Durian Belanda @ 红毛榴莲

I can’t remember since when I started to plant Sour Sop, because I can’t see any photo of Sour Sop in my previous blog. Probably the Sour Sop Tree already five years old, if not mistaken the plant of Sour Sop quite difficult to get from ordinary nursery. I think I had to order the plant online. Anyway I planted this tree before because I heard that this Sour Sop Fruit is good for cancer illnesses. 

Anyway my client told me to use the leaves of Sour Sop Tree to boil with water around 15 minutes and the water is full of substance that can fight or prevent carcinogens tissue in our body. 

After few years the Sour Sop Tree starting bearing fruit. It is happy and see the fruit grow bigger and bigger day by day. I have no idea when can pluck the fruit to enjoy it. Anyway just leave it to my mother to decide since she is very free at home. 

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Living Stone & Venus Flytrap

Few weeks ago my friend and I went to visit MAHA - Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture and Agrotourism . MAHA is an event that chartered for entrepreneurs that engaged in the businesses related to Agriculture, Horticulture and Agrotourism so that they can promote and showcase their business to public and visitors around the world.

We walked around from 11am to 4pm, my friend was looking for some business ideas so she can bring into Brunei. When we walked to this booth that selling plants that is using technology from Japan. All the products was from Toyota Suntory Midorie - you can imagine that Toyota the largest car maker in Japan and the leading producer of Japanese Whisky joint venture into develop the greenary planting. By the way Midorie means Green in Japanese language. 

The best thing is not the plants that they sell but is the pot designs and soil mediums for the plants to survive. My friend insist to buy me the flytrap and ask me to take care of it. I was so curious regarding the Living Stone. From the name itself already attracted my attention - a stone that can living? Plus I was told that Living Stone actually will flower when you take good care of it. I was curious about the Living Stone blooming flower and I decide to buy one so the flytrap got a companion. 

By the way, the soil medium is the latest technology that is look like sponge that contain pit soil or volcanos soil. The soil named as Pafcal is clean and eco-friendly kind of planting technology that can reusable for 10 years. The very important factor in my mind is that Pafcal contain no bacteria and do not attract bugs. That is a very important factor to consider because I planned to have these two plants  put on my working desk in my room. 

Anyway since my working desk is close to window, the Venus Flytrap and Living Stone managed to have Sun bath in the morning from 8am to 12pm. Hopefully they will grow better and one day flowering ......

Saturday, December 8, 2018

海底鸡 or Ayam Laut or Chicken in the sea

I get known of this 海底鸡 or Ayam Laut or Chicken in the sea from one of my friend from Sarawak. My friend mentioned this fish few times and told me that this fish is delicious. I always thought of another fish called 大眼鸡 or Ikan Nyok-Nyok. These 大眼鸡 or Ikan Nyok-Nyok always use for grilled fish in hawker centre. Usually the stall will oil grill or pan fry the 大眼鸡 with chillies sambal and few vegetables like lady fingers, long beans, petai and four season peas. The texture of 大眼鸡 is like soft and tender chicken.

When I saw this 海底鸡 in the market, I bought it and search on Youtube on how people cook it. The best way to eat fish is to steam the fish so you can eat the original taste of the fish. I just chopped some garlic and sliced the gingers and fried these ingredient until golden colour and crispy. The steamed fish sauce also learn from Youtube. I actually steamed the fish in 7 minutes because the Youtuber is steam his whole fish by 8 minutes.

Regarding the texture of 海底鸡, I just can say the texture is firm and like deep sea fish. Maybe I had oversteam the fish since the 海底鸡 already in slices. I should steam around 5 minutes since my house new stove can produce very big fire. The skin of 海底鸡 is quite thick and a little bit like giant grouper and full of collagen.

A little complain from my family is that the fish is a bit firm and hard as I was oversteamed the fish. Anyway good to know the fish 海底鸡 that I never heard and eat before. 


This dog come to my house by itself. He already become our family member since last month. We named him as 小白 or Whikey. Most our companion dogs name after their skin colour. Like the our own dog named as Brownie or 小褐.

小白 actually is an abandoned dog by his owner near our neighbourhood. He actually went to my neighbour backyard. We saw him so thin and scare of people and try to feed him with some food. He slowly become brave enough to come nearer to my house. He probably hit by his previous owner. After few days feeding, 小白 already don't want to leave my backyard and go back to his house. He rather stayed with our Brownie day and night. Our Brownie from that day onward have another companion in the backyard. 

小白 actually is a very smart dog. He always seem understand our instructions. And he learn very fast from our Brownie. He can sit and shake hand and even sleep down when instruction was given. And he always shake his tail very passionately. Probably he know he must put more effort so he can get attention and also keep staying with us.

小白 always protect my mother at the backyard when my mother doing her planting at the garden. He always will walk close to me in order to get caress from me. He will bark jealously when I stroke my Brownie.

Anyway 小白 always get fair and lovely attention from our family because he seems like a very understanding and passionate dog. Once in a while I like to pamper my two dogs with roti kaya butter, Julie's cookies and sausages. Althought I know these actions are not good and healthy for dogs,  but my two lovely dogs enjoy it very much !

Saturday, August 25, 2018

A Very Good Food Recipe Blog !

Just wanna share this good food recipe blog , this blogger very generous and passionate of sharing nice recipe.. 

Although I already bookmarked and put this blog on my favourite tab.. Just in case my laptop rosak one day...

Few dishes from the blog was in my mind to try... 

Hope you like the blog and view the blog after you eat something, if not i am sure your stomach will dancing like deer...


Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Nice Old Man!

Lately just read The Star Business News and noticed this uncle and we can called him old man. Because he is really old and age of 83 and still actively blogging and doing charity.

When I read his blog, I quite excited and thinking of follow his footstep. His name is Koon Yew Yin. He is a entrepreneur, investor, charity initiator, political commentator etc.

Long time I did not write for my blog and after I read Koon Yew Yin blog, I thinking to continue my blogging by writing my investment journey.

If you have time and and thinking to become Warrant Buffet in Malaysia, you are highly encourage to read his blog http://koonyewyin.com.

I like his blog not only for investment strategies but his sharing of human nature and characters.
I wish him can live long , live healthy and live happily.