Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Golden Almond Fragrant Fried Crab 杏香黄金蟹

My friend from Brunei told me that she had eaten a really big crab or giant crab around 3.5kg before in one of the beach around the world. So I was curious how the Giant Crab was cooked with or what is the method the chef cooked the Giant Crab. My friend said it was cooked with white sauce but got almond fragrance inside. I was wondered how that Giant Crab taste like? 

Then I invited my friend to my house and cooked some dishes to her since she was craving with delicious food around the world. I never told my guest that I am going to cook crabs in my menu. One of the dishes I planed is the crab. I went to one of the famous fish market in KL and managed to find big crab but not yet Giant size. The three crabs cost me around RM230++ and around 3kg as each of the live crab is around 1kg++

I brought my nieces to the market so they can open their big eyes on the variety of ocean fishes and also fresh water fishes. The market also sell frozen Empurau, Giant fresh water prawn(大头虾)and variety of Ocean Fishes like Parrot Fish, Groupers, Undersea Chicken, Ikan Nyok-nyok, Tiger prawn, Big White prawn(明虾),Promfret in many sizes and etc. I think easily more than 50 types of fishes and some I never eat before. I also bought 1kg ++ Big White Prawn that cost me around RM80++ 

So I put the live crabs in the ice box and put a little ice so the crabs won’t be heated in my car. When my mother asked me how much the crabs cost - I just told her that it only cost less than RM100. Because I know my mum won’t accept the price that I paid for the three big crabs. Sometimes I had to lied to my mum cause she still live in her era with the crabs is around 15 or 25 ringgit per kilo. Have to tell beautiful lie so my mum can enjoy the crabs and won’t feel the pain of high price. I left the task of slaughtering the crabs to my mum and my nieces all helping washing the crab one hour before my guest come to my house. 

So I search in YouTube that one of the famous Taiwan chef teaching how to cook white sauce for Lobster and I decide to use his recipe and modify a bit and add one more ingredient to cook the crabs. The ingredient I add is the almond powder. Which is I roast the almond that leftover from doing five nuts mooncake, and then blend the almond into powder like doing a peach pie. The almond powder was set aside for use later.

In order to have the golden colour feel, so I use the butter to cook the flour. My guess was arrived at the time I cooked this Golden Crab so she insist me to add in cheddar cheese. So before put in the fried crabs into the white sauce, my friend keep on asking me to put more almond powder into the white sauce. The white sauce become thicker and can stick to every part of the crabs. I also prepare the mini mantou bought from the market so can dip the mantou with the white sauce. But the kids eat a lot of the mini Pandan and chocolate mantou that I steamed and shallow fried. 

When everyone was eating the crabs, they like the taste and they feel the new flavour that I cooked with the almond powder. My guest said that is almost the taste when she ate the Giant Crab before. I don’t know whether she want to say nice thing to make me happy or is really what she taste before. Anyway that is a new try on cooking the crab, my mother thought that I will cook the chilli tomotoes crabs which she always cook that flavour to us when we had chance to eat crabs. 

Anyway I just only ate one lower part leg below the big claw, I was enjoying see my guest and family members to enjoy the white sauce crabs that I cooked. There was no single crab legs left in the plate. I know the white sauce is really perfect match for the crabs. Maybe next time I should try to cook lobster instead of crabs. 

Below are the YouTube link for the white sauce,
Not only good with crab or lobster, I think is great with pasta too...

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